Restanding for National CAC

After long consideration, I have decided to restand as the Conference Arrangements Committee CLP Rep for another term (2 years). I am really pleased Billy Hayes has too.

We have both sought endorsement from the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) and we're both delighted that they have [without hesitation I'm told] agreed to endorse us once again.

How the election works:
- Nominations from CLPs are now open: Many CLPs have suspended meetings to focus on various local and regional elections, but after the elections you should be invited to vote on you who wish to nominate.
- Candidates need a minimum of 5 CLPs to be on the ballot.
- CLPs have until midday on 11th June to submit their nominations.
- If Billy and I get more than 5 nominations, then we are on the ballot and you can vote for us.
- All members get a vote, it is one member one vote (OMOV).

You can find statements of all CAC candidates here

Please note, the system as changed and we cannot email CLP Secretaries personally, the national party will be emailing the link to CLP Secretaries who will then distribute to their members

I hope that we can get enough nominations to get on the ballot. Thank you in advance for your help.