Re-Elect Seema

Seema was first elected to the National Labour CAC in 2017 topping the ballot with a staggering 109,763 votes.

It was victory that rocked the establishment as a working class woman from a Tottenham Council Estate saw off a Lord and a high profile MP.

From her first meeting, she began to transform a once opaque committee to a body which has become interactive with the membership.

She pushed for more rights for Disabled delegates. She introduced the Conference Charity. She enabled a more open and accountable appeals process. She’s worked hard to increase representation from Scotland. She’s pushed for diversity monitoring. She set up a CLP Secs hotline on Facebook.

She’s visible, present and accountable.

She’s unashamedly fair, driven by her passion for transparent democratic process. Clear her role is to represent all members regardless of their political allegiances, she is widely respected across the spectrum of the party for her objective push to stick to the rules.

She enters this CAC election with an amazing 169 nominations, increasing her 2017 numbers demonstrating support and appreciation for her hard work has grown.

Make sure you vote to #ReelectSeema – Ballot papers will be dropping from Monday 29th July 2019.

Selection of Endorsements:

I really appreciate the support Seema gave our CLP. It can be difficult to navigate the bureaucracy of the Labour Party but Seema listened to our concerns and went above and beyond to help us. Thanks to her intervention our problem was resolved and I have no hesitation in endorsing her. Jonathan Morris | Secretary – Hemsworth CLP

Seema is clearly an attentive, hard working and compassionate person with real life knowledge of CLPs and their issues while continually seeking new knowledge. Seema MUST be re-elected to the Conference Arrangements Committee. Gary Cormack | Secretary –Caithness, Sutherland and Ross CLP

Seema is an excellent member of the CAC.  She always keeps me well informed of developments within the CAC  and it is with great pleasure that I endorse her.   Julie Renyard | Secretary – New Forest East CLP

As a CLP Secretary, Seema’s regular reports have enabled me to understand better how our conference works and to pass this understanding onto our members and delegates. She has led on making our conference more accessible and ensuring that we leave a legacy in Liverpool after conference is over.  Seema is a representative of Labour’s grassroots on one of the party’s key committees. – Heather Mendick | Secretary – Hackney South CLP