Online Conference Announced

An online conference has been announced to 'replace' our traditional conference.

"Connected" is the online conference that is being worked on to take place from Saturday 19th to Tuesday 22nd September 2020. It will have two parts to it:

- Frontbench Speeches: There will be speeches from Leader' Keir Starmer, Deputy Leader; Angela Rayner and Shadow Chancellor Annalese Dodds. These will be aired to the public and everyone can listen.

- Policy Discussions and Training: There will be a series of training sessions, policy discussions and interactive debates for party members online.

There will be
- No Motions
- No Constitutional Amendments
- No Reference Backs
- No Composite Meetings
- No Votes.

The involvement of the CAC is highly restricted as our main role is around the delegates, motions, constitutional amendments and votes.