Oct 2018 CAC Report

Apologies for the delay in my October 2018 Report. The CAC are meeting in early December and it will be our first meeting since conference.

This will be the meeting where we evaluate the 2018 Conference and start the process of planning for the 2019 Labour Conference.

Please can you complete my survey (click here) to let me know what you would like me to raise. If you can pass on to your delegates too, that would be really helpful.

Based on feedback I have received so far, I will be [re]raising:

  • Delegate Seating: This was raised on the first day of Conference. It was not acceptable that delegates were not seated together, but were seated in their regional groups. This is not what was promised. It was agreed during Conference that this will be looked into.
  • Disability Access: A few things that I was assured of did not seem to happen, this includes a lowered help desk and papers available on time. The latter was discussed during Conference and it was agreed there needs to be investment in this. I am pleased to hear feedback from Disability Labour, who have commented on a number of improvements and I believe they should take the lead in advocating – but have offered to advocate within the meeting on their behalf.
  • Regional Briefings: I sat in one, and observed for myself some of the areas of improvement. Suggestions that these should all have someone in them from the CAC who live and breathe Conference is one I will be suggesting.
  • Payment and Registration: Can CLP Secs please complete a really simple survey by clicking here. I know it feels like ages ago, but I know in April-June many of you had difficulties or frustrations that I want to suggest improvements for, but want to make sure you’re on board with them.
  • Secretaries Mailing: This did not happen. I was assured it would. I raised it during the Conference and it still did not happen. I struggled on an iPad to download and upload it in the CLP Secs Forum/email. Next year I will take my laptop so I can get things to CLP Secs where they are not getting them.
  • Composite: I have received a couple of emails from delegates/members concerned there was not consistency in the composite meetings in regards to delegates rights. I will be suggesting this is made stronger in a written charter on the wall at every composite meeting and that CLP Delegates get access to a PC, meeting space, printer and resources to help them draft a composite.

Democracy Review:

I have received some feedback from those of you that felt the Democracy Review was a lot of information provided at a short space of time. I appreciate that many felt the CAC were responsible, but this came from the NEC and I believe the party staff worked really hard from getting the final version on Saturday night from the NEC, typed up, printed and ready for delegates for Sunday AM.

I have been asked what the Democracy Review now means in practice and I am conscious that I do not respond to this as it’s not down to the CAC to implement. CLP Secs will be getting ongoing information on implementation – if in doubt, ask your Regional Office.

NCC Elections:

A number of members/CLP Secs have contacted me confused about the NCC elections. I had raised your concerns with the Ballots Team and understand a clarification email was sent out the following day addressing most of your points/concerns.

I believe it’s right to ask for all votes to be recorded and will be requesting these.


This is my first year of being on the CAC during a Conference. I now know what motions were passed and what CLPs submitted them. I will be forming a mailing list of all of those CLPs to ask them for progress on what updates they are now getting from the party with regards to their motion and will be asking the Policy Team for regular updates on each motion passed.

There is no point having a Conference to pass motions if they don’t mean anything.

Next Year’s Changes:

There are many changes which have been stated for next year’s Conference. The CAC will be looking at these at our meeting in Dec 2018 and I will update you on what this means in practice.

Scottish CLPs and Conference:

Thank you to the Scottish CLPs who completed by survey, I believe over 50% had participated and it’s given me a really good overview of the different barriers Scottish CLPs are facing to participate in the National Conference.

I am compiling a paper to go to the next CAC meeting. However, on first look at the feedback, my view is that most of the barriers are similar to most CLPs (not just Scottish CLPs) and there are some real quick ways we can rectify some of the items raised.

Women’s Conference:

I am getting a few emails about Women’s Conference which is taking place in Feb 2019. I am afraid I don’t know anything but have been asking people to contact their Women’s CAC Reps. I understand Jean and Teresa will be having a Women’s CAC meeting in November and will be feeding back to members.

CAC Elections:

The CAC CLP Division election (which myself and Billy are elected to) are taking place in 2019. I understand the timetable is: Nominations: Jan – June 2019; Ballots; Summer 2019 and Results in September 2019.

I do plan to re-stand. I would like to thank CLPD, LRC and Red Labour for confirming their support for me already – thank you.

Feedback Survey:

Thank you to the 300+ members who completed my mid-term feedback survey. It was both humbling and scary! The criticism was fair and will help me improve – but I am really pleased with 95% of you who felt they were happy with my work.

If you wish to contact me please email me on seema [@] seemachandwani.co.uk