Nov 2020 – CAC Report

Today's meeting was predominately around the AGM of the CAC. We only have one post we elect every year and that's the Chair.

Election of the CAC Chair
Harry Donaldson was proposed and seconded as the sole candidate and therefore was re-elected as our Chair.

I seconded Harry, since I have been on the CAC he has been a really fair Chair. He facilitates the meetings enabling all of us to fully participate and sticks to business.

Conference 2021 Timetable
We had a robust discussion, about whether Conference in 2021 is going to take place. Numbers of new cases are growing and we could be facing further waves and lockdowns. It was agreed however, we needed to continue as normal (whatever that is) and start the process.

I asked for us to ensure CLPs had caveats, so they knew not to start booking travel and accommodation that was not fully refundable.

The timetable is as follows:
- 12th Jan: CLPs informed of delegates and motions
- 15th Jan: Delegate registration opens
- 11th June (noon): Delegate registration closes
- 11th June (noon): Deadline for Constitutional Amendments
- 25th June: Closing date for replacement delegates
- 13th Sept: Deadline for policy motions
- 22nd Sept: Motion appeals
- 23rd Sept: Deadline for emergency motions
- Saturday 25 September – Wednesday 29
September 2021: Conference!