June 2019 CAC Report

There has been no CAC meeting this month, the next is scheduled for the 10th July 2019. However, this month has still busy.

New Deadline Due to the EU Elections the deadlines for submission of Constitutional Amendments and nominations has been extended to 28th June 2019, hopefully this will enable CLPs to still submit. If there are still any problems, please email CAC@labour.org.uk and copy me in.

Constitutional Amendments (Rule Changes): A number of you are asking a few questions about your 2018 rule-change submission. Hopefully the responses below will help:

  • What if our 2018 submission was covered in the Democracy Review?: It will probably be ruled out of order. I appreciate that this is annoying, however it was a risk CLPs were going to take if they submitted rule changes whilst the Democracy Review was taking place.
  • How do we know what has been submitted in 2018 to know if we should submit in 2019: This is the only year we will have this, but you won’t. It is not just about submission, because a CLP could withdraw their rule change so even if we circulated a list it will not be accurate. From next year we will be back to only having one year of rule changes.
  • Are we having two years of rule-changes this year?: Yes. The Democracy Review changed the 12-month rule, so all of those submitted in 2018 will be heard in 2019 under old rule and all those submitted in 2019 will be heard in 2019 (this year) under the new rule.

Conference Start Date: Conference now begins on the Saturday at 2pm – this is not an optional day, first day business such as priorities ballots etc will be on the Saturday. The Women’s Conference is now a stand-alone conference in the spring.

If you have any issues that you would like me to raise, please email me on seema [at] seemachandwani.co.uk