July 2019 CAC Report

A huge thank you to the 169 CLPs who nominated me to restand for the National CAC, I was totally humbled. A special thank you to all the CLP Secretaries, many of you are inundated with nominations, trigger ballots, the EU election and you still found time to give members a say – much appreciated.

The CAC meeting took place this month on July 10th 2019. On the agenda was:

  • Events Update
  • Rule Changes 2018
  • Rule Changes 2019
  • Conference Charity

Events Update: The number of registered delegates is at an all time high, this will pose problems as the Brighton venue is smaller than Liverpool. The CAC were assured that delegates will sit together as a CLP however, depending on the access issues of delegates with disabilities, this may not always be possible,

There are new stall holders exhibiting at Conference for the first time, giving a wider range of information for delegates.

Rule Changes 2018: The CAC went through every rule change submitted in 2018 which are to be heard this year under the old rule. This was difficult as the Democracy Review meant that some of these are now out of order as they had been addressed or changed in the 2018 Conference – but this would not have been known to the CLP at the time of submission.

Rule Changes 2019: The CAC went through every rule change submitted in 2019 which will be heard this year under the new rule. This was difficult as some were asking for changes that had only been recently changed in the Democracy Review.

The main reason for rejection for both years were as follows:

  • The submission was not a Constitutional Amendment/Rule Change: it did not cite a chapter, section, clause it wished to amend.
  • The submission was a multiple change on several subjects: it asked for several amendments on different areas.
  • Three-Year-Rule: The same rule has already been changed in the last 3 years for the same purpose or there was a rule change/constitutional amendment which has been tabled and voted upon in the last 3 years (i.e. it may not have passed/changed but it was still heard).

Conference Charity: Our conference charity this year is Make Change Count, an umbrella of 9 local charities in Brighton tackling Homelessness and Poverty.