Feb 2021 – CAC Meeting

The CAC met on Thursday (11th Feb) and we focused on the policy review. We were given a presentation by a staff member from the Policy Team.

I raised issues at the trust and confidence in the National Policy Forum (NPF) process, and how there seems to be no feedback on what happens to the submissions. I also raised concerns that CLPs do not realise that motions passed on the Conference floor and go to the NPF, I felt they should be marked as agreed to go forward.

Furthermore I remarked on the talent on the NPF, namely Grace Blakeley who is a fantastic economist, but we are not using her properly.

Others raised concerns that there was too much focus on Conference Motions and NPFs take policy motions across the year.

It was agreed the policy review will report back to the CAC at a future meeting.

Other Issues:
- Billy asked if we could develop a Conference Charter, so members knew their rights and responsibilities.

- Others raised concerns that the criteria for emergency motions need tightening. I raised concerns that CLPs either did not know about emergency motions or it does not fit in their calendar of meetings.

Conference 2021:
We had a debate on whether a conference was even feasible. We agreed we will await an update in May, and both options were being worked on.

I raised concerns that there was little engagement in the last online conference, and if we were going online again, it needed to be more meaningful.