Disability and Labour Conference

There have been many of you contacting me about your experiences at conference. The main issues were:

  • Not enough seating Some of you were very concerned about the lack of seating, especially on the first day where some of you had to queue. This was also a problem for those of you who were older and pregnant.
  • Mobile phone reception Some of you wrote to me expressing concern that the mobile phone reception was really bad inside the conference centre, making it difficult for you to contact people to assist you or pick you up
  • Printing of papers A couple of you contacted me saying that conference papers in an accessible format were not ready for you to collect.

The issue of disability access was discussed in depth at our November 2017 CAC meeting, both CAC members and Labour Party staff recognise that more needs to be done.

You can access the Conference Accessibility Pack (click here) to see what was in place last year. Please send me any feedback on what can be improved.

The following work is being undertaken by Conference Services staff:

  • Recruitment of a Disability Coordinator
  • Continue to work with Disability Labour to improve conference
  • Site visit undertaken with the Chair (Harry Donaldson) this week (Jan 2018) to explore what can be done

I will update you on progress


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