Below are some of the campaigns that I have been involved in during my time on the Conference Arrangements Committee

Diversity Monitoring

It is really important that Labour Party Conference reflects the diverse communities we seek to represent. Sadly that has not been the case and it makes us a weaker movement with those voices missing. Before we can do anything about it, we need to understand the current situation, but the party was not collecting any monitoring data of delegates and visitors attending.

However, I have pushed for it progress is now being made ……. [Read More]

Conference Charity Partner

If we are going to be a party of social change, we must seek to change what we see and do not like. Many delegates last year (2017) were horrified by the levels of street homelessness in Brighton. We cannot be a party that climbs over homeless people to go to a fringe about tackling homelessness and poverty.

We thousands of people visiting conference each year, we should leave some form legacy and that’s why I was inspired by Owen Collins from Whitney, who started a crowdfunder for a homeless charity after last year’s conference. Now, after I pushed, the Labour party will have an official local charity in each area where we hold our conference and will actively fundraise for the…. [Read More]