April 2019 CAC Report

Items covered in April’s Report are:

  • New Deadlines
  • Rule Changes (and the absence of a new Rule Book)
  • Progress on Motions Passed on the Conference Floor
  • Types of motions accepted
  • Questions and Responses
  • 2019 CAC Nominations

There was no CAC meeting in March and April 2019. The CAC meeting in May has been postponed.

New Deadlines:

Due to the EU elections meetings have been suspended and the deadlines have changed for conference related activity. The deadline for nominations, constitutional amendments, and delegate applications will now be midnight on Friday 28 June 2019. As a result of this change to the delegate application deadline, in order to be eligible for nomination, delegates must have joined the Labour Party on or before 28 December 2018.

There are differences Region to Region when the suspension comes in to play. It appears to be dependent on if you have Local Elections. In London for example, the suspension starts from 1st of May 2019. If you are unsure CLP Secretaries should check with their Region.

Rule Changes:

This is one of the items I am getting contacted the most about. The 2019 Rulebook is still being devised to encompass all of the changes from the 2018 Conference, specifically the Democracy Review.

I realise this makes it difficult for members to submit a rule-change and even more difficult for CLP Secretaries to double check if it meets the criteria. However, if you click here you will be able to get a list of the rule changes submitted in the past 3 years from my website. Please note even if the rule-change fell, is still subject to the ‘3 year rule’. I hope this helps.

Progress on Motions Passed at Conference

The recent images of the Black Hole, from the International Scientific Community has provided me with closest indication I have had of where our Conference motions could have ended up.

At the last CAC meeting in February 2019, I raised this (again – as I have done every meeting since my first CAC meeting in October 2017!), I was assured I would get the exact parts of the rulebook which explain what happens (or is meant to happen), to motions once they pass on the Conference floor. I still have not received that. I am hugely disappointed.

This for me is a vital question. I have not given up my time to sit on a CAC for a Conference that has no meaning. If Conference motions are merely passed to the NPF, it makes no sense. GC/AMM motions are also sent to the NPF, actually you don’t even need to be a member to submit to the NPF.

CLPs cannot spend the money of working class members to send delegates to a Conference, to vote on motions that no-one can tell me what happens to them. As far as I am concerned, motions passed at Conference should be Labour Policy, all motions, not just the Brexit motion. Conference should be sovereign. I will not be letting this matter go.

I am therefore now asking all CLPs to complete my survey so I have the evidence motions, like the one from 2017 from my own CLP, are awaiting more satellite images from the scientific community.  Please can CLP Secretaries complete the survey to assist in getting to the bottom of this, you can access the survey by clicking here.

Types of motions accepted at Conference:

This has been an interesting journey. Last year whilst we were exploring rule-changes and motions, several were referred to the NEC as they were considered as ‘Organisational Matters’. Now the ‘Contemporary’ element on motions has been removed, I was asked by a couple of members whether ‘Organisational Motions’ are now being accepted.

I read the 2018 rulebook for some insight and I could not find where it said ‘Organisational Matters’ cannot be heard at Conference. So I asked for clarity and here is the response I received:

“The rule below highlights where the different motion types are sent to conference and where they need to go. As stated all motions on organisational and campaigning issues need to be sent to the NEC.

Chapter 3; Clause III; 2; D

“All affiliated organisations, the ALC, Young Labour and CLPs may submit motions to the NEC on campaigning and organisational issues and to the NPF and its policy commissions on policy issues throughout the year. The NEC and NPF shall consider such motions and report on action taken in their annual report to conference.””

To me, this is about where motions *throughout the year* go and which body (NEC or NPF) considers which motions they are sent *throughout the year* and who covers it in their annual report to Conference.

The section prior to this (Chapter 3; Clause III; 2 C) states:

“All affiliated organisations, the ALC, Young Labour and CLPs may submit one motion which is not substantially addressed by reports of the NEC or NPF to Conference. The CAC shall determine whether the motions meet these criteria and submit all motions received to a priorities ballot at the start of conference. The ballot will be divided into two sections.” (emphasis mine)

For me, if the NEC accepting Organisational Motion throughout the year and the NEC are/can presenting Organisational Motions in their Annual Report to Conference (as stated in Chapter 3.iii.2.d) and the criteria is “not substantially addressed by the reports of the NEC or NPF to Conference”, then Organisational Motions should be accepted and should have always been accepted.

This of course is my opinion. It’s up to CLPs and party units to decide whether they wish to take the risk. I am still in dialogue with Party staff to understand how they have reached the interpretation they have and why.

Questions and Responses

There are several questions that have come in, the responses may be useful to others:

  • Can you submit a motion to Conference which was not prioritized at Women’s Conference? Yes you can.
  • Does the Youth Delegate count in the Gender Balance? No it does not
  • My Conference delegates allocation is wrong, can it be corrected? Email the CAC@labour.org.uk and include why you think it’s wrong.

2019 CAC Nominations

Yes I am re-standing and yes this is the year I am up for re-election. You can find my statement on my website by clicking here.

Thank you to the CLP Secretaries and members who have sent in an endorsement - very kind.

Thank you also to all of the CLPs who have nominated me so far – much appreciated